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London 2012 The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games-FLT Torrent handderw




Headlines: • Ten Years of Free-to-Play: Free to Play has blossomed into a significant feature of social gaming. In the UK, free-to-play games are the dominant form of play and feature high levels of engagement. The free-to-play model is also at the heart of the UK’s digital entertainment future.’ • Beta Spotlight: Oesophagus: an indie game with an eye-catching concept. When you inhale, the player shoots a stream of coloured water at the enemy; when you exhale, the water explodes on impact. • Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry: The global video games industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Recent estimates suggest the total industry turnover is over $100 billion a year, and generates approximately $26 billion a year in the UK. In 2011 this generated over 2,000 new jobs in the games industry in the UK. • The Year Ahead: • Free-to-play continues to thrive. In the UK, free-to-play games such as Candy Crush, Mafia Wars and Spore are becoming ever more mainstream, while the fastest growing games on Facebook use free-to-play gameplay mechanics. • Twitter creates a unique voice for the games industry. Twitter is expected to generate between £20 and £30 million in ad revenue in 2012. Like newspapers, TV and radio, the success of twitter is not immediately measurable. Although microblogging has been around since the early days of the internet, it’s true origins came in the early days of the mobile phone. • Mobile games are reaching a new audience. Recently, mobile games have been successfully funded by a wide range of UK organisations. The most recent example is the Band Aid Mobile game developed by the Olympic Torch team, which raised more than £30,000 for the charity. • Games can be a business killer. Many people have come to recognise the role video games play in attracting new players to an established brand. It’s never been more important to focus on game mechanics and innovation than it is today. • Smaller studios and independent development have a key role to play in the growth of the UK games industry. The upcoming changes to the UK Games Fund is an opportunity to invest in these smaller studios. The 2010 Games Fund offered a total of £60 million of funding. We are currently seeking just under £25 million of additional funding for




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London 2012 The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games-FLT Torrent handderw

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