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Walking In My Purpose

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

For quite some time now, I have been obsessed with creating natural products for hair, body, and now scents. The road of discovery was long and sometimes felt tedious but it was well worth it.

Though I started this journey almost two years ago, I became discouraged more times than I care to share. It seemed like it was not meant to be. Over the period of mandated quarantine orders and personal choices to shelter in place, I picked back up where I left off before. The results that manifested this time around gave me hope.

Laser focused on being perfect before was my lesson to learn. "Nothing is perfect, so why should I expect perfection from my creations." Once those fears of failing and other doubts were kicked in the butt, I could now see clearly.

Last year, I vowed that 2020 would be my year of clarity. Never did I factor in a world wide pandemic that would bring us to our knees. Nevertheless, a clearer understanding and confirmation of where my passion rested was presented to me.

My dream of developing a brand worthy of sharing has come and I can't wait for you all to sample these GOODS.

God doesn't make mistakes and it's high time I accept the task set before me.

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